Mar. 17th, 2006 06:57 am
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It is morning and I am awake. That is about all I claim right now. My new shampoo is helping me to wake up though since it is very strong. It has tea tree in it and tingles when I use it. Very nice.

I am slowly working on my 101 in 1001 list even though I am not writing about it. The hard part is writing down the books and movies I see to be able to keep count. I have been able to cross off 5 so far. A couple I have been working on and it is going pretty good. I know one problem is that I am bad about writing down to remember that I have done something. Writing daily for a month in LJ is easy to remember since there is the handy dandy calendar.

I got some good sleep so in a better mood this morning. The head boss is taking today off so no idea what we are going to be doing. I should call some more I think. We might have to move around furniture and such. I shall see when I get there.

Time to go dry my hair and get ready for work.

101 Update

Feb. 19th, 2006 12:34 pm
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I was able to cross off one today!! We went to Golden Corral for breakfast and I tipped 100% of my part of the bill. We had our normal waitress and we could tell she was having a bad day. I hope the large tip helped. So # 35 is done.

I messed up on one of my month long goals. I did not post yesterday. Just need to start again. I have kept up with the taking of the multivitamin and calcium, as well as wearing makeup.

I went and saw Date Movie with Phaeton on Friday so that is 1 of the 50 movies in the the theater I want to see. *shudder* Not that I really wanted to admit I saw the movie. It was not very good. I also printed out 2 brownie recipes and plan to get the ingredients this week to make at least one of them.

My hardest problem lately with this list is remembering what is on it so that I can actively work toward some of the goals. The other problem is that many of these take money I just do not have. Hopefully the temp job I start tomorrow will help with the money part.

Ok, time to get ready to head to Family dinner with Caritas. Then home for the KUFS board meeting.

101 in 1001

Feb. 6th, 2006 07:38 pm
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I have been at this 1 week so far and I have gotten started on some of my goals, but have not gotten to cross off any. I need to pick one for the next week to do that I can just cross off. That would be cool.

Started on Feb 1st, Month things are for 30 days or 4 weeks depending on how worded.

3. Do not eat after 8:30pm sun-thurs for a month (4 weeks)
15. Brush my teeth at least once a day for a month
22. Take multivitamin daily for a month
23. Take calcium daily for a month
41. Wear Makeup every weekday for a month

I also started Today
14. Drink a 40 ounces of water daily for a month

I have met one new person and got to try a new restaurant on 1/30
48. Meet 3 people real life from my lj friends list
90. Try 5 new restaurants

So that is it so far.

if you want to see my full list, head here:

If you do, take a look and let me know what you think I should try to do this week to cross one off? *grins*

Bed Time

Feb. 4th, 2006 10:35 pm
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I should be in bed but I am afraid of laying down and coughing my fool head off. I can feel the meds starting to work and making my slightly loopy. I could like this feeling way too much I think.

When I was at the doctor the scale hit the big 300. Almost burst into tears. It is a number I never wanted to see. Now I can do one of 2 things. Start my work out plans and just work at it and change my life. 2nd option- eat and eat and eat and have no life worth living. Too many friends and family and too much fun ahead to do the 2nd option even though it would be the easier. So much easier. I would be letting down so many people. The most important one being myself.

I am hoping the 101 list will help me get some good routines going. A bunch of them require a month long commitment. Maybe after a month I will not want to stop. That is part of the plan. And if I mess up and have to start over, it means that I get another shot and do it even longer. I wondered about purposely messing up on day 28 so that I could start another month with the goal.

I think when I set something for a week it will be Sunday-Sat. And when I say a month it means 30 days in a row. or for something that says a month that is not every day (like makeup for the weekdays) it needs to be a total of 20 days.

Anyone want to go see Driving Miss Daisy with me?

Ok, time to bed. meds are really kicking in.
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I have decided to join the group of people that are doing the 101 things in 1001 days. I had my list mostly done about 2 weeks ago but decided to wait to start till today since my end date will be Oct 27, 2008 which is my 37th birthday. I could not pass that up.

I will be doing updates on Mondays since I started on a Monday.

onto Demariana's 101 list )


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