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Tonight I had 3 goals when I went to Meijer; Spend under $50, buy stuff to make lunches and pick up 2-24 packs of diet coke since they are on sale and I am out. It is really hard for me to go into Meijer and spend under $50, but I did it. I had a list, and it did help that some of the things on the list were out of stock. I will probably go back on Friday or Saturday when we have some more money to stock up on some things that are on sale that I did not get. They have a cool 10/$10 plus one free sale. I can find 11 things we could use on the list.

Some of my good bargains: Frosted Flakes 1/2 price at $1.20 and I had $0.50 off one. Got to love a box of cereal for $0.20. I also got some Fruit Loops for 1/2 price at $1.39 and had a $0.25 cents off coupon for it. 12 pack of pop tarts are $2 each and I had $0.40 off one box.

The only annoying thing about the trip was that I had to pull a U turn on Winchester Rd to head back to the store. 2 things I got were on 40% off since they expire this week, and the cashier rang up the original barcode. I definitely went back for the $4. At least it was quick at the customer service desk.

One scary thing was watching this guy come up beside me to turn Left onto Sir Barton. The problem is that I was in the left turn lane and he was across the yellow line and in a lane that is oncoming traffic. He got so lucky that noone went straight from across the road. This is not the first time I have seen this happen. I do not know why people do not see the markings correctly.

One cool thing was watching a guy run a red light right in front of a cop at N Broadway and Loudon. They guy thought about stopping because he slowed down for a second, and then just went on thru. There was a cop at Loudon waiting for the light to turn and went right after the SUV. Instant Karma.

One interesting thing is that a coworker told me about a job and then mentioned that she was only going to tell me. She thought it would interest me and that I would be really good.

One easy thing was registering online for the postal exam. They are taking registration online for the Lexington area this week. I have always wanted to take the exam. I need to get a book to study some. They said I would get a packet about 2 weeks before the test, and the test would be in about 60 days.

I guess I am through with my one things. Time to head to bed.


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