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Feb. 27th, 2006 02:57 pm
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Got 7 people to volunteer today before I had to leave at noon. If I had gotten 10 I would have been paid for this afternoon where I was unable to work. That would have been cool. Still 7 in 3 hours is pretty good. One was a referral that Jeshua gave me. *grins*

The reason I only worked a 1/2 day is because I had to go to the Police Station today for testing. I had to take a bunch of tests to see if I can be interviewed for the 911 call taker position. I really think I did pretty good on all but 1 of the tests. *fingers and toes are crossed now* Now it is back to wait and wait. No idea when I will hear back again. Not even sure how many people they were having in to test.

Another gas station went up by me to $2.34. This is the Thornton's on Loudon and Broadway. I went over to Kroger's and topped off since I was at a 1/2 tank. I got it for $2.08 with the 3cents off for the Kroger plus card. I am so sick of the fluctuating gas prices.

Guess that is about it for now.


Feb. 21st, 2006 12:36 pm
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Started new job today. Doing pretty good. Home for lunch since they close from 12-1. I think it will be a good fit. Small office. Laid back. Ok, have to head back out. Will write more later.
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Today I was suppose to start my new temp job. I go get some breakfast and then park by the office. They told me 8:30, but had also said they are open 8-4:30, so I figured someone would be there. Found the office, lights off, doors locked at 8:15. I wait, and wait, and at 8:35 call Office Team. Talked to Mer who states that Ty thinks they may not actually open till 9am. So I wait, and wait, and then at 9:05 call Mer back. Still office closed and locked. She had called and left a message at the office where I should be starting to work and no return call yet. The best guess is that they forgot they are closed for President's day. *grins* So Mer said they would pay me for 2 hours. I am just laughing. Another day home which I admit will be nice.

Get home to a message on the machine.....Thinking damn they showed up just after I left. No it is a woman from the Division of Police for the 911 call taker position. They are setting up the critical testing sessions and want me to call back. Holy Shit, Holy Shit!!!!

So I will be calling soon, cleaning some, dishes, etc. Trying to take full advantage of this day off.


Feb. 11th, 2006 10:40 pm
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I got an email from an woman who I worked with at CKY. She gave me the info of who to talk to about getting a job at the place where she is working now. That they are hiring and would need to go to remedy staffing to test. I would need to make sure I mentioned to said person that I knew her at CKY. It would be for collections and a full time job if I got hired.

I have still not heard about the 911 job at all. Nothing for 8 weeks now. I still really like the idea of this job ALOT.

I have a job right now that is nice. It could be really nice BUT... Is it what I want to do with my life? I would be with a company that is getting bigger and bigger and there is a chance to grow. I can see that. I just do not want them to invest all this time and money on training me and then I up and leave for another place because of something else coming along. I do not want to go get locked into something though. In 12 weeks if we mesh I will be offered a full time salaried position. I have never been salary. I think that is one thing that is slightly scary. The idea that there will be Overtime but no overtime pay.

Then there is the idea that I had of only having to work enough to get the bills paid down and then I could stay at home with maybe a part time job. Would I feel able to quit something that is salary and does not have that high of a turnover. Would I feel too leashed to the job? Heck already feeling slightly committed and have only been there a week.

I just do not know. The other thing is that the job my friend knows of is really close to my house, the Gold's gym one is soon to be across town. I really do not like that idea at all. If they were not moving the offices I would be more inclined to stay and commit to the job for the long haul I think.

These are the thoughts that are keeping me from sleeping right now. The thoughts of am I making a major mistake or not? Did I get scared and settle for the first thing that came along? Or maybe this was a lucky break and a really good fit? How can I know after one week? Should I call the other place and just get tested and an interview? How would I be able to take the time then to go do what needs to be done to pursue that option?

I talked some to Caritas about this earlier before bed. Just all these thoughts going on in my head. When I am learning at Gold's Gym I enjoy my time. I am just not sure of the changes that they are going to be having. Almost too fast it seems. Do I really want to be a part of that? I just do not know right now.
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If I have to go one more frickin' day without doing anything I am going to scream. I am so bored with just watching someone work. I understand that they need my help, but at this point they do not have stuff ready for me since they are 2 computers short at this point. I am so not learning anything by watching. Just give me something to do even if it is grunt work. I can run and get things and such. I have a major headache right now and totally brain dead again. Bored does not even begin to cover it. Once I get started I think it will be interesting and fun. Just need to get started.

Damn I could so use a back rub right now.
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I started a new job today. It is temp right now thru Office Team, but if things go well it could go to perm in 12 weeks. I am pretty brain dead right now. I think it could be very interesting, but this was only the first day. I am working at Gold's Gym Corporate Headquarters. Yeah, me, working for a health club. *grins* It is call center, but almost strictly outbound calls. I can handle this I think. Right now they are in a major transition because of moving the corporate office across down in less than a month. The only downside right now is that when it moves it will be across town from where we live. That will make getting to work and school interesting. I did not get to do much today though. Just watched other people work. Tomorrow I should be able to learn the computer programs and start getting my feet wet on the calls. We shall see.

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Feb. 1st, 2006 10:24 pm
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Today I went to Office Team and took some tests and had an interview. She said that she had just gotten a call from one place that she thinks I would be perfect for. We shall see. It is Temp-Perm. It is doable I think. I still have not heard from LFCUG about the 911 job which is kind of annoying. But they said they will send a letter either way, so no news is actually good news. I am also still waiting on the appeal for Unemployment. If we win then I will get money for about 10 weeks which would be nice.

I was trying to work on the numbers and if I work a year at a rate of $10-$12/hour I think I could go to part time at that point and we would be doing good.

Not much else is going on. I did go over to a friend's house after going to Office Team and we had a great talk. Lots of bitching and moaning as well as gossip and laughter. *grins* I have gotten back into going on furry muck as well. I have missed playing cribbage and seeing some of my friends on there.

Oh yeah, I have a new icon. It is a better picture of me.
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Caritas was kind enough to email me that I got my postal exam test score in the mail today. I then quickly called and she opened the letter to reveal a score of 77.

I really thought I did better than that. It was probably due to the personality test. I am hoping the 2 coworkers that took it will tell me what they got. One may even go home at lunch and get his score.

At least I passed and I am on the list. We shall see if I ever get a call to apply though. The score is good till 2007 is what I think Caritas said.


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