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Mar. 15th, 2014 08:06 am
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Took my Mr Melodie Man (see icon picture) to the vet again yesterday. This is the 2nd visit to this vet and the 4th visit overall. He has had multiple rounds of antibiotics, eye cream, eye drops, steroids, etc etc. My baby is 18 years old and we are faced with the news that the is probably a mass growing behind his eye and in his nasal sinuses. I could get an x-ray or a CT scan but what would be the point? Other than to know for sure? There is not anything that can be done. I could see where his eye is being pushed and is not even w/ his other eye anymore but so wanted to ignore it. His eye is leaking and sometimes it is red. He won't let me wipe it anymore. At this point he is still eating well (actually putting back on weight and acing like his lovely if annoying at times self, if a bit slower that he use to be. He does not seem in pain except when trying to clean off his eye. The vet shaved him as much as they could since he has mats in his fur. They also gave us steroids and some more antibiotics to hopefully lower the swelling and there probably is an infection.

So now it is the wait and see. The walking the fine line between quality and quantity of life. Of hoping we can recognize when it is time and having the strength and courage to do it.
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