Jan. 1st, 2013 02:15 pm
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So I need to go to the Y and cancel my membership. I have not been using it as I should for at least 6 months. I know I want to get healthier in 2013 so you would think that cancelling a gym membership would be counter-productive to that. Well it would be if I did not have another plan already in place. It use to be that the only thing on this side of town was the North Lexington Y for a gym (about 1 mile from my house). The Y is great and there are some things that I will miss like the pool, but at $42/month for individual and about $80/month if all 3 of us wanted to go, that is just getting too steep. Now a planet fitness is opening up about 1.5 miles from the house. It is in a shopping plaza we know well. We went and checked it out on Saturday and signed up. All 3 of us got the basic membership at $10/month. So $30 and all 3 of us can go! The gym will be open 24/7 and has LOTs of machines. There is free wifi and each cardio machine has a TV with cable available. We went through the pros and cons and it just made better sense. I need to really look into what I can do with the weight training machines and the circuit that they have. I hope to be able to go to a free training class or 2 to get some ideas. 

I am going to miss some of the people, classes and the pool from the Y. I am hoping some other friends also join planet fitness along w/ my family. That would make it nicer. One of the good things is that there is no contract so if needed I can cancel and just rejoin the Y. 
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