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This will hopefully be my only rant on this subject until next year when it happens again. I know I ranted about this at least once last year. It just annoys me every year. I am hoping once I get a nice good rant out of my system I can breathe and just let it go for another year.

What the fuck is up with having all of the holiday crap out already? The halloween candy is not already eaten and there is Christmas music almost non stop on one of the local radio stations. I go into stores and am bombarded with aisle after aisle of decorations, wrapping supplies, candy, and even more music coming from all the electronic doodads they bring out at this time to be cute. Also what is up with Santa already coming to the malls? Damnit Santa is not suppose to show his face in the malls till the day after Thanksgiving. This is after he has had his grand entrance in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade and other parades around the country. I am a northern girl at heart and I can not picture or embrace the holiday spirit when it is still 70 fucking degrees out. I want REAL snow and COLD weather. I want friends, laughter and good cheer. Not this commercial shove the season in my face crap that is getting earlier and earlier each year. Why do they just not leave it in the store year round? Oh wait Dollar Tree almost does that now. Black friday should be the start of the holiday season. The longer it gets drawn out the less I am in the mood to take part in the holidays. Just another day.

There should be wonder and innocence. There should be friendship and peace. There should be joy and happiness. Bring back my holiday cheer and goodwill. Maybe if we did embrace the season with love and hope the world would become a better place.
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Point out what is wrong in these directions I got from MAPQUEST

3: Turn RIGHT onto N BROADWAY / US-68 / US-27. 1.1 miles
4: Turn LEFT onto W VINE ST / US-25 BR S / US-421 BR S / US-60 BR E. 0.1 miles
5: Turn RIGHT onto S UPPER ST. 0.6 miles
6: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto S LIMESTONE / US-27. Continue to follow US-27. 3.4 miles
7: Turn LEFT onto E REYNOLDS RD. 0.5 miles

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