Nov. 3rd, 2005 07:56 am
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My body does not need to remind me on a daily basis that I am falling apart. I am very aware of the fact. Heck, maybe it would be nice enough to give me a good day or 2 in a row so that I would have an idea of what that is like.

Home again

Aug. 24th, 2005 02:22 pm
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I stayed home from work again today. I will get written up when I go back but I do have a doctor's excuse. He totally understood about being up both nights almost the whole night. He was sad to say that he does not find anything wrong and the problems may have been do to stress or just the body being annoying. If it happens next month though I need to call and get him to see him so they can change some things around. It was really nice seeing him again even if he was annoyed that I have put back on all the weight I had taken off before. My OB/GYN is damn cute. I have also watched his office grow. He use to be the only doctor and now there are 4 in the office and they have moved to a bigger space. Kind of neat. The only problem is that I think he is a 'popular' doctor so he does not spend as much time as he did when I first started going to him. But then that has happened to most doctors because of insurance and such.
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Called Dentist about seeing if anything opens up for tomorrow so I do not have to wait 2 weeks.
Called Primary doctor about lab work she wants done since I can head over to the lab tomorrow. (got to love fasting tests)
Called Ob/Gyn to change or up prescription.

Hopefully all 3 will call back and leave a message with the info needed.


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