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I did make it to meijers today. Jeshua called saying he was done with work, and I asked if it would be ok to go. We made a mad dash thru the store, skipping aisles and basically sticking to the list. We were in and out in under 1 hour. That is DAMN good for me.

totals for this trip: Spent: $36.54, Savings in coupons: $22.24, in ad: $23.90 for a total savings on this trip of $46.14. I got 64 items. 24 of those were cans of cat food though. :)

Silly cashier story: I have a coupon from the entertainment book that is $5 off any $50 grocery order. She read it, and then read it again. She then punched in a coupon of $50.00. That was just alittle over my letting it slide amount, so I informed her of the error. She said no, it says $50 right here, and then pointed to it on the coupon. I then pointed out the actual wording. I probably saved her job since her drawer would have been $45.00 short at the end of the day.

Now I must head back out.
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I did really good today with what little money I had. I wanted a total before coupons of about $50 to get a coupon for next week, and then after coupons I needed the total to be about $30.

Savings: Ad: $27.21, coupons: $23.86, Total Savings: $50.57
64 items, and I spent $30.19!!!! That is 47cents an item. *GRINS* And we got some expensive things like soda and Thomas Bagels. It helps that I had 2 coupons for $5 off. One was from last week and one was from the Entertainment book.

Anyone who is in Louisville that doesnt use these, could I please have your 50cents of 12 cans of Friskies cat food? Please? :) Thanks. I really dislike that the coupons in the Lexington paper are usually missing some. Maybe I should go to a newsstand and get a Louisville paper every week once I know if they have some good coupons.

Side note I am trying to start a coupon trading group here in Lexington. If anyone is interested please let me know. I have emailed 3 people on a list that I am on about starting it. I am still waiting to hear from them.

I am a very happy camper now.
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Caritas and I got up at oh my goddess it is early to head to meijers and the super saturdaze sale. From 6-noon they had about 12 things that were buy 1 get 2 free. They were already doing one substitution for batteries because they ran out by 7am I think.

The grand total for both orders was $148.66
We had a total savings of ad and coupons for both orders of: $162.63
We got a total of: 111 items. for an average of $1.34/item

Yeah it is over my usual under a dollar an item, but for good reasons. :) We didnt stick to just food items. We got a pair of jeans, 12 pocket t-shirts (6-2 packs) batteries, and light bulbs.

We had to separate it into 2 orders so we could get more of the limited items things as well as use 2 of the $5 off $50 coupons I have. Today they are also printing out coupons that you can use next week. For every $50 you spent today you got a coupon for $5 off most anything next week, no minimum purchase required. So when I got shopping on tues the first $15 I put in my cart is FREE! Plus I got a coupon to get a free $10 Gift card that can be used ANYTIME.

We had a VERY good morning.
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We stopped at Kroger today on the way from getting Jeshua from work. They have a pretty good sale. I really dislike that they dont list ALOT of what they have on sale in their ads. The cashier forgot to take off my coupons. They took them to the customer service desk and she scanned them and gave me the money. That was nice. I saved $10.80 in coupons and $28.79 on the kroger plus card. After taking off the coupons from my total I spent $38.73, and a total savings of $39.59. :) We got some chips, canned cat food, milk, choc milk, quilted northern, and some soda. WE got a total of 57 items. :) And I was good I put blinders on going past the sticker machine!!
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I went to meijer today to get 'a few things' *GRINS* I had to ask one of the stockers to help me because they were out of a couple of things I wanted. I had him find 2 of the items. The other 2 I figured we didnt really need since I had already bugged him for the tuna.

I got 81 items, and spent $75.32. I got a TOTAL savings of... $88.56!!

It helps that they had some really good sales. Like the starkist pouch tuna at 1/2 price. I got 25 packages. I did not think I would get under a $1/item though. I bought alot of expensive things. 12 pack of Toilet paper, 8 pack of Paper Towels, Kitty Litter, 4-12packs of soda. Stuff like that.

I still have some starkist tuna coupons, might go back sometime and get some more. :)
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I stopped in at meijer to pick up a few things on sale that I wanted this week. I didnt go up and down every aisle like I usually do. Today I skipped 1/2 the food section of the store. Still it took me about a hour because I was going slow. Still dragging.

Ok, onto the savings. I wasnt sure if I would get up over $50 but with my splurge of the salad bar it did so I got to use one of the $5 off $50. That was before coupons. After coupons I spent $33.31, with ad savings of $22.18, and coupon savings of: $22.05, total savings: $44.23. I got 39 items (no cat food this time. :) For once the cashier took the time to enter all the coupons. That was the good news. The bad news was the bagger who decided to put one cold thing in every bag. *GRUMPS* I do feel bad that a coupon that got taken off was actually not for the right thing. I was trying to grab 2 of the swansons hungry man since they are on sale, but grabbed a swanson and a banquet, so the $1 off 2 swanson shouldnt have taken. *Shrugs* It did which was nice. He also punched in all 6 of the great starts that didnt go because of their computer system. I bought 8 greatstarts but only 2 of the coupons would scan right. One good deal I got was the post cereal on sale 1/2 price. I got 3 boxes for under $1 each!

Now I feel like taking a nap.
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I went over my limit of $30 but not by much. I did some impulse shopping. Hummus was on sale... YUM! So I had to get some pita bread and carrots. Also choc cover cashews, and cinn almonds where are sale. Double YUM! I think we have enough food that we wont have to eat out at the con at all. I have no clue what Marcon's consuite is like.

Ok, the totals
Spent: $35.65
Saved on ad: $3.87
saved with coupons: $13.11
Total Savings: $26.98
Total items: 48, so 74 cents an item

I honestly didnt get to use as many coupons as I wanted. I also didnt get some things because they were out. Like the Tombstone pizzas. Oh well there is next shopping trip.
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Once again I got a cashier who doesnt let me know when a coupon doesnt scan. She shorted me about $2 I think. *shrugs* No way to go back and get it fixed. I really need to watch the screen. I know I buy what I have coupons for. I think I have messed up once. And when that happened I apologized profusely.

Ok, onto the totals, 65 items, for $43.70 with a savings of ad and coupons of $50.74. Not too bad. It helps that I was buying 12 cans of cat food and they have lowered the price down to 29cents again. It ranges from 29-45 cents it seems. I also got some snacks for the marcon trip. I have one more week to get some good things on sale to take. Any requests polyanna? *grins*

Side note: I just wish I had purchased gas before going to meijers instead of after. In the 2 hours I was out the gas at this one station jumped 10cents. I knew it was going to go up, because all the other stations around have raised prices. I was just hoping it would be later. I know the station by our house is one of the last ones in the city to up their prices. I just waited too late.


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