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I am still in happy mode from the furry meet last night. It was great to just snuggle, scritch and laugh. It felt like I was with old friends even if I had just met them yesterday. One girl was drawing and doing some really good artwork. I rarely like furry art, but her style is nice. Next time I should bring one of Phaeton's books to show off. I like most of the artwork he has gotten. I only have 1 picture in my sketchbook. *grins*

I am still in awe of what the restaurant did for us. They were so great finding us a place to seat 17 people and being fast with the food. I want to go back. There was so much on the menu I wanted to try. Caritas next time we go to Louisville I wanna go eat at Ramsi's! I did get to try the vegetable tempura and that was good. I also had spinach alfredo that was great. I was not able to finish my pita sandwich because of how plentiful and filling the food was.

After dinner we stepped next door to a cool bookstore and coffee shop. I picked up some nice postcards for Caritas and also 2 magnets. One says: Good Kitty gone Bad. The other: It is not premarital sex if you do not plan to get married. *grins*

After people got some books and coffee the fun ended and we all started to head our separate ways. The drive home was quiet and peaceful. Listened to the Shrek soundtrack as I drove the 4 of us back to Lexington.

Furry Meet

Nov. 26th, 2005 09:59 pm
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Today Jeshua and I picked up 2 friends and we headed to Louisville for a great Furry Meet. The company was great on the ride. It made it go faster. We all met up at a small little 8 lane bowling alley. An interesting place I must say. We missed it on the first time around the block because it is so small. It has a mom and pop old home feel. The bathrooms were in the basement basically right under some of the lanes. Felt weird to hear the bowling ball rolling overhead. We stayed there about 2.5 hours with some people bowling, and all of us chit chatting and laughing. It was great to see some of the people I have not seen since the halloween party. Very relaxing and happy. Got hugs and scritches and backrubs and more hugs and scritches. After bowling we headed to Ramsi's which is a restaurant on Bardstown Rd. I only got turned around once before finding the road. *grins* 17 of us converged on this unsuspecting eatery. They were great. The hostess opened up the enclosed patio for us. It was slightly cold, but they turned on some space heaters, and with 17 people the body heat also helped heat up the room. The food was really filling and tasty. The company was great. We may have gotten some stares, but it did not matter. There was lots of laughter and pictures. I hope they get posted. We just got home alittle bit ago after dropping off our 2 friends.

Ok, time to go snuggle I think.
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Over the weekend we all went to a convention in Memphis. It is a furry fandom convention with lots of people (over 600 this year) that happens every year on Labor Day Weekend. This was the 9th year, and next year will be really cool since it is the Decade Year. Phaeton and I have gone to every one but the first one. I met Jeshua at this con. This was our 5 year anniversary. We get to see friends we only see once a year, plus get to meet and make some new friends. This year was hard because of Hurricane Katrina. The hotel worked wonders to not kick any refugees out and still have enough space for the convention. I feel refreshed and happy even after the drive back. We headed out Thursday night and got a hotel in Nashville, then went the rest of the way on Friday morning. After closing ceremonies we headed out to get the same hotel in Nashville and then finished up the drive this morning.

The convention has panels and each year I plan to try and go to 2 or 3, but each year I get sidetracked. This time it was the con of playing games and spending some money. I got to play Fluxx, Cribbage, Texas Hold'em, Uno with house rules, and a new game that we just have to get called Bang. I got to do the best move in one game of Bang. In Bang, one person is the sheriff, and depending on how many people are playing the other players can be deputies, outlaws or the renegade. The outlaws are trying to kill the sheriff, the sheriff is trying to kill the outlaws and the renegade, the renegade is trying to be the last name standing, and the deputies are trying to help the sheriff, because if the sheriff wins, they win as well. The game I was in had 6 players with the sheriff sitting next to me. I was an outlaw. The sheriff went first. I went 2nd and with a good draw of the cards was able to kill off the sheriff thus ending the game. The box said the game usually takes about 30-45 minutes to play. *Grins* This was about 30-45 seconds.

Another big part of the con is the money we raise for charity. Our main charity is Tiger Haven a big cat sanctuary in TN. There is an auction as well as stuff for sale by the charity in the dealer's room. I found out that their only snow leopard died this past year. *sighs* They have over 200 cats now. One person who usually comes to represent tiger haven couldn't because we was on a rescue to get 3 more cats. This year we also had 2 side groups to raise money for as well. A fur died after having a heart transplant and his friends were having a raffle for his family. We also had a collection for the Red Cross to help people affected by Katrina. I wish I could have contributed more, but I have to remember each little bit helps.

Guess that is about it for this post. I have more thoughts running in my head but will have to wait. It is time to get some dinner.


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