Bad Idea

Apr. 11th, 2006 04:37 pm
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Deciding to take a nap when thoughts are swirling in my head is a very BAD IDEA! Let's just say that pleasant dreams were not had. Instead horrible want a hug and my mommy nightmares happened. So not my idea of fun. At least I had a cat to hug. Most of the images have faded but the fear and insecurities still exist. So annoying and nasty. Now I have to figure out what causes the other nightmares during naps, because not all are from thoughts swirling before I nap.
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It of course is fading. I really should have gotten out of bed at 5:30 when I woke up with it fresh in my mind.

I was on Earth but the time of the dream was sometime in the future. I had fallen in love with a beautiful woman and we were living together. Her name was Tracy or Stacy. People were trying to tell me that she was an alien and would be rounded up. At some point they came for us and testing. We went into the machine to test if someone was an alien together. We laid down side by side on the conveyor belt took us into the machine for testing. Each part was weird. At one point though my love started to scream. She was being burned and hurt by one part of the testing. They finally got us out of there as she started to throw up blood and blood was coming out of other places as well. I was holding here and the pulled me away as they tried to save her. Yes they found out she was an alien but I think the machine was not suppose to kill/hurt/maim even the aliens. This was an unexpected reaction. They kept working on her. I crawled over to her and said let me see her I need to go into her dream. I then put my hands into(?) or on her and drifted into her mind and her dreams. She was whole in her dream of course and we for a short time pretended in the dream that everything was ok. I kept pushing her to come back. Then another woman showed up who took me aside and told me you know you she has to go? You need to let her go. I started to cry deep racking sobs as I faced the fact that I had to let my love die. She had to leave. It was not right to keep her there just for me. I turned to her and held her close in the dream and told her to go. I slowly came out of her dream to hold her as she died. The techs were around and still trying at times to do something. They were apologizing some were also crying. I did hear more than once people saying "This was not suppose to happen". I looked up into the beautiful night sky seeing the stars as she died. The stars that matched the sky in the dream.

There was more imagery and it was a very vivid dream.


Dec. 31st, 2005 01:07 am
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A world frozen in time. Reliving a day over and over again until it changes. A woman trapped to die at 11:53 each night. 6 years are retelling the same dream. 6 years till she works thru her demons and realizes what must be done. Kill her evil husband who is controlling her world. So that he does not kill her. Each night she dies, the day starts again. Her spell to try and keep this from happening. 6 years of her subjects locked in this cycle for she is the queen. Release the memory and force pull from her people's strengths. Everyone fights and she lives. Lives for her real husband and lover. Live for her sons. She must live past 11:53. 6 years of retelling of the same day. A time travel, or time controlling spell to change the outcome of a single act. Stasis for 6 years for her people locked in a retelling. But freedom once the retelling is changed. 6 years for the price of freedom. Not too much to ask. Jasmine scent from the flowers fill the air. Jasmine is part of the spell.

Damn, the dream is gone. Just the faint images left. So much more. So much to tell. But with the retelling ending the reality sinks in and fills where the ghost dream images were.


Dec. 6th, 2005 12:56 am
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Now I know my head space is screwed up. I just had a really messed up dream that included a lot of freaky shit. Damn now I have a headache. I am so glad this one is fading fast. The other good thing is that I was able to manipulate the dream once I realized it was one. Made it less fucked up. Ok, time to head back to bed and hope for some pleasant dreams.


Nov. 25th, 2005 12:48 am
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I have been napping most of the day away and of course I have some of my worst dreams at this time.

For some reason I was at a hotel or gathering for a high school or college reunion and seeing old friends and just have a pretty good time. I was set up to room with this couple that I could remember but not well from the time at school. They ignored me and gave me evil looks all the time. I finally begged them to tell me what I had done. (damn this dream is fading fast) They both left, and I was crying and holding my love who was with me. When they came back the guy starting talking about how we were an item and that I held his heart and soul in his hand. He gave me himself and we did such in depth things. He was basically saying that I was slave and we were into bdsm. He said in one scene I took his pony tail and cut it right off as a sign that he is mine. I was shaking my head and denying it since I did not get into bdsm till after college. Then he said that is not why he hated me. He was upset because I had given him HIV. I sat up with a start. I denied that saying that I have been tested since college and came back negative twice. That could not be. Then he stated that he has never been tested but on our last night together and in our big fight that is what I said. *shudder*

There was so much more to the dream. It was in color and so vivid. There was another dream where I was helping to track down a killer. That was also very vivid. The problem is these both faded fast. I am only left with the emotions and the faint whisper of the dreams.
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In this one I was making a remoted controlled car to race in a local competition. It was really cool, low to the ground and sleek, in bright yellow. It was at a convention or something. I won the first round and then they found out the weight was uneven by too much, mine was 15lbs lighter than one of the other cars. Sometime in all this I went to put nair on my legs. I think I thought it was over since I had won. I had to come back and race again, still with the nair on my legs. It was clear so noone could tell. I left the stuff on too long and my legs started to burn. I vividly remember reachign down with a wash cloth drenched in cold water to quickly try and wipe off the now very dried nair. As I was wiping I was taking off the top layer of my skin as well. It looked kinda like you look when a sunburn starts to peel. Very painful and gross. The skin just kept flaking off. *shudder*

Ok, now it is time for me to head to work.


Jun. 30th, 2002 08:52 am
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It is already fading, but when I woke up at 3am it seemed so real. I might even react badly today because of this dream. I really should have come down at 3am and written it because now it is all jumbled.

The Nightmare

I found some drugs that Phaeton had gotten that made semen less thick. I confront him and he tells me that Caritas has decided that she really wants a baby, and has known this for awhile. I remember that the date on the meds is 6/9/02. Commenting on she knew this obviously before she decided on a date to move in, and wanted to make sure she could get pregnant really close to when she had moved in. So in the middle of the night I go down and confront Cartitas in the bathroom. She was trying to take a piss. I fly off the handle telling her that in no uncertain term there will be No child in this house. That is one rule that will not be broken. At one point I ask Phaeton if he wants kids and he is like no. So I comment it is 3 against one. I also continue to yell and bitch out Caritas about if they want a kid they will have to get out of the house. I will not have a kid in my house. I go and get her some of my extra birth control throwing it at her as I still scream that she will get her ass on the pills and stay on them if she wants to stay in the house. etc etc etc. I flush the last pill of Phaeton's down the toilet and tell him that if he tries to refill it he will have to leave. There is alot more screaming and throwing of things.

*shudder* Now maybe I can let the dream go.
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I woke up from a fucked up dream. Some of the images

I was swimming with a dolpin, had been for years. It was my baby and my dolphin. A circus was coming to town and wanted me to show my girl off. They sent 2 buses to get me and my dolphin. I was going to be starting my period and was sick.

They only gave me 3 tickets to the circus so I gave up mine so Phaeton, Jeshua and LadypeaceM could go. I decided to stay backstage with my dolphin anyway.

Somehow the 4 of us were on a MOPED driving across the country. Stopped to get food and I had to go to the bathroom. LadypeaceM came in with me and I was crying for some reason.

There is alot of other weird stuff thrown in there. *shakes head* Very strange dream


Feb. 21st, 2002 04:09 am
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I know this isnt going to be letter perfect because I dont have my glasses on and I am half asleep. I wanted to get something down before I forgot the dreams though.


!st) AT a school and se a guy with a bug gun, semi-automatic around the courtyart. He starts to trak me with it so I go and kinda make friendly with him and snuggle, hoping to lie Find out later he is in a costume, and I flug mysefl on him for nothing. I got him back, though, since he did have a real gun Security, and some others confronted him the next day, as wel as I explaing tht I was so fucking scared, and that was the ony reason I cam on to him.

2) I dremed that I woke up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to noises. Was wearing my warm fuzzy robe I open the front door to see a group of hispanics strippping down my car. I freak and go after some of them, callling them all sortsof names. They start to throw rocks at me and I get back onto the front porch and start ringing the bell like mad hpoing the guys will wake up. Instead I dream that I wake up from that dream and realize it is only a dream. I stumble downstairs to check just in case, and look out to a RV and car in the driveway, and my car open. I see my keys in the front door, and the cordless phone out on the porch. I go out to investigate and think that someone is ripping me off. Instead I look in the car and find all sorts of gadges added, and then realize I am looking in the wrong car. My car is in towards the house more. I go up to the RV and knock. My mom and an older gentleman get out and are all apologetci about being there, and scaring me. I explain I just had a very bad dream that the car was being striped by a group of hispanics, and now I come out to this.

Then I really wake up. Need to check on the car now
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I had this one on my nap between snoozes on the alarm.

I go hom to find 2 men I dont know lounging in the living room. Somehow I end up heading upstairs with one and we have sex. They have no idea that I live in the house. (maybe they think I am a hooker they ordered?) The guy goes back downstairs and I start to get dressed. I head downstairs in my bra and pants to do something, flirt alittle. I go back upstairs to finish dressing, grabbing a new shirt out of the closet. I look over back into the bedroom and notice that my jewelry boxes are all off the dresser, and opened. I go over to my big cherry jewelry chest, and open it, noticing that my 2 class rings are gone. I believe there are other things missing as well. I throw the shirt on, tying it instead of buttoning it. The guy has left his gun upstairs, so I tuck it into the front waistband of my pants. I saunter downstairs and staddle the guy I had sex with, turning the chair so I am also facing the other guy. I pull out the gun and place it up under the guy's chin saying "I want my jewelry, and I want it now. I also want anything else you 2 stole, or you both are dead" That is where it ended because the snooze went off, and I had to get up.


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