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I got back into the water today and did laps for about 25 minutes. I told myself that if I went a whole month without getting in the water I would stop my Y membership. I honestly can't remember with being sick and such this month if I went earlier in the month so I went today. I was planning to go to water aerobics but slept thru that. At least I did it.

I am so ready for my good insurance to kick in tomorrow. I have an appt scheduled on the 19th since I am falling apart.

Sleep apnea: need to start using the cpap machine again. I was sick/congested for almost a month so it was impossible to use. I am still not convinced that it is helping though.

Right knee is bone on bone and I need to find a new doctor who will treat me with something other than get weight loss surgery so you can lose 150lbs so I can do a knee replacement

Left heal hurts when I want. webmd thinks it might be plantar fasciitis but of course I would love a doctor to diagnosis it.

Blood sugar is rising. I got back on metformin and it seems to be helping. By rising I mean mornings it was about 150-160 instead of the 110-130 it had been running. This is the main reason I am going to the doctor on the 19th. Also to check on my blood pressure. I think my bp is having some troubles but we shall see.

Hemorrhoids are bleeding fairly regularly and hurting. Probably need another look to make sure that is all it is. I have been trying to add more fiber and water to my diet. I have been making some changes which is helping I think.

I do think that I can get better, and that things will work out. 2017 will be a good year. I have a good job that I do enjoy. I have friends and family who love and support me. has been a great help over the past year to help me form some habits. I need to figure out some more so I can continue my growth. My girly parts are not trying to bleed every week and when I do have the time of the month it is rather light. This is a nice change. Hope it stays that way. I will get back to the pool and at least get some exercise. I need to stop snacking and eating out as much as I do. I want to figure out a short strength training routine to do at home. I have to get over the not doing anything since it might not be the right thing. Almost anything can be good. Just need to stick with it. Build some more muscle. Yes I am hurting most days but I can do things even with the pain. I need to just make sure I do not do more damage. Guess that is it for now.
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