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I come here to write when it is just too much to talk about on FB or to me it is too personal to put out for all those that I have as 'friends' on FB. I feel safer here.

Things started about the first of July where we were home for the holiday. Dustbunnie was not looking well even with her meds working. She had lost more weight and I knew the time was getting close. I was hoping she would hold out till I came home again but that was not to be. We went back on the road on 7/5 and was to come back 7/27 (3 weeks out) Instead I got the call that she had taken a turn for the worst on Tuesday early afternoon. At that point we fired up the truck and started to head home from PA. About 2 hours later L called and said Dustbunnie had died in her arms. Today we got her ashes back. I love our vet. They are so respectful and helpful during this time. They were the same way with Melodie. So now we have 2 cats, Serendipity and Strife. They are almost 14 years old and we have had them since they were about 4-5 weeks old. I actually started my LJ about 1 month before we grabbed them from outside. I wrote about getting them on 10/9/2001.

Also this month the truck runs have SUCKED!!! We only had 7 runs in 2.5 weeks. Most of them short. A solo driver could have done them and not a team. It has been hard sitting so long. Twice we had to sit for about 4 days. Once was in Savannah and we had to use so much fuel to keep cool. It was so hot and muggy. Both of us got stressed and I got depressed. We have come to find out that July is normally slow since our bread and butter is the automotive industry and the plants shut down at this time to change over model years. So all the parts companies also slow/stop since the plants do not need the components. It should be much better when we go back in service on 8/3.

It is kinda good that we came home early since the truck has bed bugs. UGH! I have been bit multiple times. Very annoying. We have scheduled a heat treatment followed by chemical to get rid of the problem. We think they have been in the truck the whole time but the weather just got to where the eggs were hatching. Just so hard to sleep. I had just bought a mattress for the bottom bunk. We covered it in plastic and are hoping for the best.

Today I scheduled an interview with OfficeTeam/Account temps. I had to update my resume. I hate that! I did get it done though. I had not done it since I had started with Galls back in 2006. I am now registered with them so that when we are home for a week I can maybe get a short (3-5 day) assignment. Just something to do when home. They actually were happy that I am not someone looking for a full time temp to perm job. They said they have clients that only need someone for a couple of days and have a hard time filling those at times. I told them I can give them a week ahead of time when I will be in town. That it will be about 3 weeks out then 1 week home. I figure also if I have taxes taken out that this will help my taxes come April.

Final thing (I hope) is that our water heater died this morning. I was getting ready to take my shower for my interview and noticed Serendipity staring at the grate in the living room (air intake for heater/AC) I heard a noise and knew what it was. The water heater pop off valve had gone. I went down and turned the shut off valve for our water and also turned down the water heater temp. I called my mom and she said I could come over and take a shower at her place. YEAH! I was able to get over there, get clean and ready before my interview at 10:30. L called and got a company to come out and give an estimate. It is going to be almost $2000. Luckily we qualify for 18 months same as cash. YEAH!!! One problem is that our tank/basement is so old that they have to bring some things up to code. We are without water till Monday. Other good thing is that our neighbor is willing to let us use his outside faucet to fill up jugs. That way we can go the bathroom if nothing else. We also have bottled water to drink and to have for the cats.

So this has been my month of July. It just has to get better. The short runs and 2 weeks off is going to be hard on the wallet. My mom did loan me some money and Ren is going to help out as well. We are not as bad off as others out there. We have been worse at times I think. Just tired and stressed still. I do believe that it will get better.
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