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I gave notice in February and my last day at work was Friday March 6th. R got me and we headed out on Saturday to go to orientation. I started my new career as a truck driver on monday March 9th. For alittle over a month I drove on my permit with R beside me helping and training me. The first and second week of April we were back home to get the truck worked on and for me to get some final practice in before my test. On April 17th I passed my CDL B driving test. (pretrip/yard work/road test) and got my licence.

We went back on the road and have been driving all over the place as a team. I still have lots to learn but each day I am getting better. It is looking like we will be on the road about 3 weeks running hard and then home for a week. Right now we are on home time. I am trying to get things done when home. In the past 2 weeks we have been to FL, GA, PA, CT, NY, MI, TX, OK, and AZ to name a few of the states we have had pick ups or deliveries. I know I am missing some. Everything seems to blur. I have gotten some pictures but not many. Eventually we will be able to take some time and see things but right now just enjoying the driving and seeing the country thru the windshield.
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