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So I am contemplating a career change. Right now I am business to business bill collector/AR specialist. My 2nd boyfriend is a trucker. He has his class A CDL. We have been talking about going out on the road as a team. I am really interested. I would get to see more of the states and just do something completely different.

I have told him that it would late spring/summer of 2015 before I think I would be ready to do this. That I need to get some things done before hand.

Those things are:
Save money. So that when I am in driving school I have the money to live on. School takes about 1 month. He said he would help me pay for school

Get Stronger/Lose Weight. The times I have been on a ride along with him have given me pain in my knees and in general. I need to be I think about 250lb. (right now 325) to even think about doing this. Also at 250 and stronger my BP would be more in line and even my diabetes would be under control with little/no medication. To this end I have rejoined the Y and have been doing.

Talk to doctor about my arthritis in knees and see what can be done to help. I am thinking about the hyaluronic acid injections. To help this I have an appointment scheduled for Nov 12th to discuss options with an orthopedic doctor. This way when I have to pick insurance/contribute to FSA for 2015 I can make sure I have enough.

I have mentioned this family and some friends. The more I mention it the more likely I am to do it. Scariest thing is the thought of failing out of CDL school. (either due to medical, or just cant handle it) Then I would have to find something.

Anyone have any thoughts/ideas/stories?
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