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Hello LJ my old friend. I have neglected you so. I have been reading all but not posting. I am hoping to change that.

Well I did it. I rejoined the Y today. I have been getting majorly depressed about my ability to move. Knees/Back/feet/etc all hurting and hurting. I had debated about rejoining Planet Fitness or the Y. PF is MUCH cheaper. That was the big thing going for it. Really the only thing going for it. I would go but would get so bored. I have MISSED the pool. The ability to swim laps even how slow I am and the water aerobics classes.

So the front desk guy asked me what my goal is. I said right now just to add movement. To be able to just move. Yes I would like to see the scale change. Yes I want my stamina to increase. I want my walking speed to increase. But right now at this instant I need to start moving again. I can't jump all in and risk really hurting my knee again or something else. I plan to figure out a strength training routine to build back my muscle.

Now they Y has a way to track and earn rewards with mobilefit. I am going to look into getting that started. I will have to schedule a time with a wellness coach. Also cool that my favorite water aerobics instructor is still teaching 2 classes a week.

Today I joined and did 15 minutes on the treadmill. It is the start.
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