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This post is going to be about female medical issues. Guys you can scroll on by if you want.

On Oct 27th I turned 40 and that is the magic time to get your first mammogram. I went in on Thursday the 17th and had my yearly and then also scheduled my 1st mammogram for sometime in December. While I was at my yearly I mentioned that I was unsure about my IUD and I was still at times having heavy periods. She decided she also wanted to schedule an ultrasound. Since I was already taking a 1/2 day on Friday the 18th I decided to get the ultrasound out of the way at that point.

Come to find out that due to issues at work the building was closed on the 18th and instead of just a 1/2 day I had the whole day off. I was able to reschedule my ultrasound for the morning. Once that was done I asked at the lab if there was a way to squeeze me in for my mammogram as well. Might as well get both out of the way. I was in 'luck' and I got that done as well.

I had a great weekend just hanging out.

On Tuesday I got a letter about the mammogram. "There appears to be an area of concern that requires additional evaluation". Then my brain did the Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oh Shit!!! Once I calmed down I read the rest of the letter where it says, "Such further evaluation usually turns out normal. It is important, however that you have it done." (it being special imaging views) Of course then I also did web searches to get some more information.

I called on Wednesday and scheduled the 2nd mammogram for Dec 23rd. I am going to be off work that day so I would not have to use time. Caritas also advised me that my doctor's office had called to state they were going to be calling me to schedule a followup. Ok, that seems a bit normal.

Today... the doctor's office called and I called them back. It seems there is some issues with the ultrasound and fibroids. They want to get me in for a MRI. After that we can discuss if your Mirena can stay in till Sept or if we need to take it out now. Maybe also discuss your other options. Brain of course starts to go Oh Shit Fuck, Shit Fuck!!!

Now I have put in for a 1/2 day on Wed the 30th so I can go in for the MRI. I was also able to reschedule the 2nd mammogram so that it can be done before the MRI. (yay?) My mammogram is at 7:30 and the MRI is at 9:30. This is all contingent on me getting the 1/2 day on Wed. I think my team lead will be ok with it. Then I get to go in at 1pm to work the rest of the day.

So that has been my medical week.
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