Feb. 10th, 2015

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got my permit today with air brake endorsement. Woohoo. Was so NERVOUS. I did ok on the general knowledge test, and rocked the air brakes test. The system ends the test when you get to passing (80%) so on the air brakes it is 25 questions. When I finished question 20 it said I passed. (IE I got all 20 right and was at 80% so why go on???) I went back up to the desk and the admin looked at her screen and was in awe. Not only did I get the 20 questions right I did it in 2 minutes 30 sections. Woohoo!!!!

Ren has the truck and he has already started running with the company. He had orientation yesterday and today had the truck worked on. It needed some things done. He got his first load about 2 hrs ago and headed out.

I went down to the mall today to talk to the kynect people. I got my questions answered. Slightly annoyed that my doctor really does not take the insurance I want to buy. I still have alittle time to decide.

I am still trying to decide on when to do my 2 weeks. It will be between 2/27 and 3/6. Just so not sure.


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