Nov. 22nd, 2014

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Well we had a family meeting and family wanted me to write out and answer some questions about my plans to getting my CDL and going on the road. Below is what I wrote. I would love any input/questions/ideas. I will be doing an update to the family every 2 weeks.

Goals for Becoming a Truck Driver
To be updated every 2 weeks on the Friday after a payday. (Dec 5th, Dec 19th, Jan 2nd, Jan 16th etc)

What requirements to get to being a team driver and timeline?

Medical Card, and submit to KY DOT. Can pass this now with medications that I am on. Will have to get before getting permit. If I plan to also go for HAZMAT need to do to TSA and get fingerprinted.

Get a permit. Cant do that to closer to when going to jump. Plan is to get in mid February. Per talking to Patricia at V3 she has owners who will let a permit driver w/ team mate run a 14 hour day. Once we have driven about a month with me doing most of the driving on my permit then come home and test to get my CDL class B. This saves the cost of schooling since not getting a CDL A.

Talk to Patricia at V3 more and submit application. Late March.

Now post on forums to ask questions about trucking/expediting and expectations. May look on V3's FB page and message a driver or 2.

What physical requirements needed to achieve and timeline?

In November go to Mall and talk to health insurance to see if can sign up when I quit Galls. Check out costs.

I want to be under 300 by March 1st. Personally I would like to be at under 290. That means 25 lbs in the next 14 weeks to be at 290. At this point with the modification in my eating and the 1-2 times at the Y I am down 10lbs. Plan is to continue with the eating plan. (food diary, fast food mostly cut out, eat out only 2-3 x a week) and to increase the Y to be 3-4 times a week. Water Aerobics/Treadmill/TRX Classes.

In late March get my knee shots. Make sure I have about a 3 month supply of medications. It does help that most of what I am on is on the low cost $4 list for when I may not have insurance. Need to price at different places. (meijer, kroger, walgreens, etc) When the weight loss might even be taken off one of the HBP meds. Also in late March go to Dr Feng for my yearly and physical and bloodwork. Right now I do have a 3 month followup in January.

Other plans:

Saving $50-$100 per paycheck to be able to pay for testing, and to have some saved before Jump.
Having a plan in place if this falls thru. Resume ready. (starting on this now, writing it up, adding to the one I have) Start with office team/account temps to find something temp to hire, or long term. Ask if Galls has anything open. (sales or accounting) Keep track of what is on Careerbuilder.
Call all credit cards and utilities and add who can call and talk about them.
Start wearing seat belt all the time in the car. May have to put the shoulder strap behind head but at least wear waist belt.


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