Apr. 30th, 2011

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Finally a day without rain! The sun is great and the temperature is beautiful. I love the light wind. I passed so many yard sales today on my morning errands. So far today I have been busy. I started off by going to the Y and recording the time in April that I exercised. I joined the 100 hour club. I have 9 months to get to 100 hours, so about 11 hours a month. I recorded all of April and figured out I have done about 13 hours of exercise in 30 days. Woohoo! Next stop was the vet and I got some special cat food. Strife still has a UTI. So not good. Once that was done it was on to the Beaumont Y for Tai Chi. A fun and challenging hour. We learned some more moves and did breathing exercises. I swear one kid is in the class because the teacher told him to come. He does martial arts, but he finds it hard to stay still. He so needs the calm. After Tai Chi I stopped by my moms to pick up her expired/unused meds. There was a med toss today at various locations around town. I took her bag and our 2 bags and stopped at the one in Gardenside. It was quick and easy!

This week has been a really good week even with the rain. I tried Pilates on Wednesday. My weigh in on Friday had another 2 lb loss. I tried to sell some clothing at a local consignment shop and that was 'interesting'. I will probably not go back. I know I have been neglecting LJ, but I have been posting on my blog: http://yapsaboutweightloss.blogspot.com/ *grins*

The other thing I did was I signed up for the Step OUT: Walk to Stop Diabetes. It is a fun walk on June 4th at Keeneland. I am looking to raise $150 and my page is: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/Denise-Marie

Now time to head out to Kroger's


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